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Opening our webshop and shipping your Classy Infiniti

In 2020, we were ready to send out samples to our Ambassadors to test and provide feedback on our product. Unfortunately, our business (like many others) was impacted by COVID-19, so we made the decision to postpone our sampling — which also put a hold on the mass manufacturing of our product.

We are taking precautions with the global pandemic, so we will remain on hold until it is safe to send out our samples and start mass manufacturing. We’re hoping by the third quarter, our product will be ready for your enjoyment. Please stay in the loop on our latest updates!

Outsourcing manufacturing and making samples

In 2019, we were in the process of developing our electronic parts. We partnered up with companies who could help expedite and optimize the process — to make sure our products were meeting our high-quality standards. This year gave us the opportunity to pivot slightly, as we wanted to give customers the option to upgrade and transform the Classy Infiniti into something new without buying a new product. Fortunately, we were able to find a way to offer that. In early 2021, we will lunch this option for those of you who already own a Classy Infiniti.

Engineering electronics

After we finalized the enclosure and the design of the Classy Infiniti in the beginning of the year, we started to develop our amplifier board and the backbone of the electrical system. We analyzed the flaws and weak points of the best products in the industry so that we could learn from them and iterate accordingly. We developed our features, specs and technology to create a product with a superior battery life, ease of use, high-quality sound and reliability.

Engineering acoustics

Our journey started in 2017 when we teamed up with universities in Denmark and Hungary to develop a shape that could amplify sound with optimal efficiency. We looked at the history of sound and acoustics, and we tested different shapes that have been used throughout the years. Our team went back hundreds of years to the animal horn, examined the intricacies of the gramophone and even inspected evacuation alarms. After months of data collection and experimentation, we incorporated all of our findings into one product: Classy Infiniti.