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"There’s a Story Behind Every Photo"

Fin Matson / @finmatson


How did you you fall in love with photography?
I was always a very creative person. Unfortunately I kind of lost this during my time as a teenager. When I was 21 I left my home in Germany to go travel the world and traveling made me fall in love with photography.

Obstacle, how to overcome?
The biggest obstacle was probably to not care what other people say or think about my work. At some point the love for doing what I’m doing became so big that I stopped caring about any opinions about it.

Create as much as you can! Practice everyday, meet with other content creators and ask many questions.

Music in personal and professional life?
Music is everything for me. The first thing I do in the morning is turning on music, and the last thing I do at night is turning it off.
Music is also the biggest inspiration and motivation for my photography and video work.
I wouldn’t to be where I am today without the music I’m listening to.