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Justina & Vainius / @raz_kind


The pros and cons of creating content as a couple?
Art, in general, has a big part in our lives and we believe that being able to create is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given. Photography, film, music and design is a passion of ours. Since we started specialising in media creation and marketing our lifestyle has changed completely. Although we are both creative people, we've come from completely different backgrounds and a little while ago we decided to join our strengths together. Imagine you take visual arts and marketing specialist and combine her knowledge with world-class engineering and technical leadership skills - well this just sums up our team!

The beauty and the enjoyment that comes with your passion and work?
The biggest pros are being able to work together and that each of our education and knowledge gained before is filling up any gaps that we may come across along the way. Another big thing is that we are fulfilling our entrepreneurial sides by working on a bunch of completely different projects and building our brand - we both have been thirsty of business since we were kids.
In terms of cons, well, it just depends on your personality. We could count only a few that would seem a bit difficult for us. Yes, we do not see our families that often, but we've been studying, working and living away from our home country Lithuania for almost a decade already. And yes, we are working way more than we used to, but we just don't see that as a problem. We have this kind of mindset that as long as you enjoy what you do, that's what matters. Creating and building new is just the way to live our best lives!

What roles music plays in your work and in your daily life?

Our life is filled with music every step of the way. The work we do is also heavily based on music - whenever we need more inspiration to create or to clear our minds to relax and refocus. Even every big event or a certain period in our lives have got a soundtrack for it! Music is just our therapy, meditation and affirmation - all in one.