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Our Story

Behind Classy Sound

We started Classy Sound in 2017, with the mission to reform the way music is experienced and to remove the most of the technological limitation. We were inspired by the rebels, the dreamers, the go-getters who are daring to disrupt the norm and who can enjoy the simplest things in life.


Classy Infiniti

We developed a speaker to bring you a new way to experience music with a design like no other. After many periods of trial and error, we came up with Classy Sound. A speaker made for and by people just like you. We created a speaker that can follow you in your long journeys without interruption and to provide high quality sound regardless if you’re in your apartment or watching the sunset from a cliff in the wild nature.


The power of Music

Music is the art that is packed with strong emotions, is enhancing your feelings it generates creativity and it is boosting happiness and positivity. Music can make even the simplest and smallest tings, experiences in life fonder and unforgettable. We want to show and share how music inspires and empowers others to courage everyone to live their lives without limits and on their own terms.