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''Carpe diem''

Dylan Calluy / @dylancalluy


What obstacles did you faced when you just started your journey? How did you overcome them?

I started with photography 1,5 year ago when I bought my Sony A7 camera. At the beginning, it was quite hard to work with brands because you’re new in the business and you need to convince the brands/companies to work with even though you don’t have a decent portfolio. I was lucky that I’m quite good at selling myself and that my photography was quite decent as well. That’s how I got most of my collaborations. I received a lot of no’s but from time to time, there was a brand who saw my starting portfolio and they wanted to give me a try.


How are you making sure that you have fresh and consistent content?

I do a lot of research and I’m continuously looking on Instagram, Unsplash and Pinterest for new ideas and projects of which I think I could execute as well.


The beauty and the enjoyment that comes with your passion and work?

I love to create content and a lot of people react to my images. This is the part that I really appreciate every kind word and that’s why I enjoy photography so much!


What roles music plays in your work and in your daily life?
Music plays a high role in both my work and my daily life. I really enjoy a good run in the woods while listening to some music. When it comes to work, 90% of the time while I’m editing and thinking of new projects/ideas, I’m listening to music. It helps me to think more clearly.